Package Management for Go

Semantic Versions and Ranges • Git, Bzr, Hg, Svn • Works with Go toolchain
Leverages vendor directory • Imports from Godep, GB, GPM, Gom • Private Repos and Forks

Get Glide

Get the latest release of Glide. The script puts it with your Go binaries ($GOPATH/bin or $GOBIN).

curl | sh
or   Download


Scan a codebase and create a glide.yaml file containing the dependencies.

$ glide init

Additional Configuration

Optionally, edit the glide.yaml file to add versions and other information.

$ edit glide.yaml

Resolve The Dependency Tree

Install the latest dependencies into the vendor directory matching the version resolution information. The complete dependency tree is installed, importing Glide, Godep, GB, and GPM configuration along the way. A lock file is created from the final output.

$ glide update

Reproducible Installations

Install the dependencies and revisions listed in the lock file into the vendor directory. If no lock file exists an update is run.

$ glide install

Add More Dependencies

Add a new dependency to the glide.yaml, install the dependency, and re-resolve the dependency tree. Optionally, put a version after an anchor.

$ glide get

$ glide get^1.2.3